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. . . . an exploration of creativity in digital media.

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Welcome to the Passage website.

Passage is a multimedia exploration of creativity and the creative process. The website is annotated with texts and commentaries which are designed to take you on a journey through the 'organic' creative process that is the primary concern of my work.

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Regardless of where you decide to start your exploration from, I hope that the crossover links between and within each of the following six primary areas will allow you to create our own 'passage' through this virtual landscape.....

audioCD front page button The audio CD pages introduce the electronic and instrumental music on the Passage audio-CD. Audio clips and graphics from this album appear in various forms throughout the Passage website. They represent concrete examples of how the creative process takes shape in a real creative project.
Creative Process front page buttonThe Creative Process pages describe in text (as distinct from musical expression), some of the phases of the creative process that were highlighted during the making of the Passage audio-CD. They also investigate in somewhat more detail the underlying issues that informed the composition of the musical work.

Instruments front page button The instrument pages describe the instruments used in the Passage audio-CD, including in most cases a brief history and some examples of master players of the past and present. This area also includes technical pages on issues related to musical composition and digital audio production.
Photogallery front page button The photogallery presents the inspiration for the Passage project: samples from a collection of photographs taken by tobias on a solo trek through India and Nepal in 1990-91. Each photo is captioned with a short essay written by tobias about the people and places it represents.
Videogallery front page button The video gallery presents some movies that are synched with clips from the audio-CD, produced using high resolution scans of over 60 of the photographs from tobias' '90-'91 trek. Full-resolution (uncompressed) digital NTSC versions of these programs are now available.
Legend text front page button There is also a short story based on a local legend from the Kathmandu Valley region, told to tobias during his '90-'91 trek and retold here by him. It illustrates some ideas about mythological storytelling and oral culture which have influenced tobias' creative work on the Passage audio-CD.


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Music, photography and text by tobias tinker